LASO-North York Arts Ely Rosenblum and Mao Correa, Solitary Portraits

Bringing art and community together throughout North York.

Vision of NYA

Ely Rosenblum, the development and communications manager of NYA gave us a tour around the facility and explained the mutually beneficial reletionship between themsleves and Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts. The natual of the agreement was to maximize the capacity of the venue in order to reach a wilder community in exchange of the office space, unionized technical team and access to advanced equipment. NYA serves as the caretaker of the building by promoting the

With North York being one of the cultural loops from the Cultural Hotspot initiative, NYA has been dedicated to connect the diverse neighbourhood and foster growth of the creative  capacity.

The demongraphic in North York District is so diverse that it literally varies from ward to ward.

We believe in creative expression and inclusive arts programming to enliven our neighbourhoods and bring people together. Our values are collaboration, sharing, learning and respect for all.

Core Value of NYA

Toronto Centre for the performing Arts

Solitary Portraits “…is the expression of how absence, it is a vital feeling, and is inseparably attached to our being as immigrants … for me, this series reflects the existential displacement from the white to the black, from the presence of all colours to the nothingness of light, from the exuberance of the tropics to the timidity of the winter… Solitary Portraits is definitely a confused cry between nostalgias and presents full of senses.”

Extracted from the press release of the opening reception, February 9th. Mao Correa

Mao is a Colombian contemporary artist, photographer and graphic designer. Recycling, reusing and recovering materials are the fundamental beliefs that are embedded into his work. He tries to raise environmental awareness through artistic practice as an emerging artist speaking to his own experience as an immigrant. He uses collectable materials such as coffee bean bags, TTC transfers and parking tickets to tell the story of the transforming and adapting life as an newcomer. His treatment of the gallery and the idea of exhibiting art are unorthodox. He challenges the ideas of classical, canonical artwork and redefine the creative space in his own way.

Artist talk with Mao Correa, a Colombian emerging visual artist

Check out Mao Correa’s portfolio at !

Whats happening this February at Toronto Centre for Performing Arts! stay tuned…

Read more about Ely–

Active as an arts and culture educator, Ely has directed documentary films and produced recordings for the British Library, the Smithsonian Institution, the MIT Media Lab, and CBC Radio 1. His previous projects have focused on American Sign Language performance art, West African storytelling through song, and spoken word poetry in maritime Canada. Ely trained as a documentary filmmaker at the Centre for Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he co-founded ART/E/FACT, a publication and event series of art and anthropology. He recently completed a PhD in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge, where he co-convened the conference and artist residency Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics.


6 thoughts on “LASO-North York Arts Ely Rosenblum and Mao Correa, Solitary Portraits

  1. I love all of your images Ching, they look great! Im wondering what do you think about the way that NYA is organized? Do you think they are successful in their promotion by being within the Performing Arts Centre?


  2. I think their relationship is mutually beneficial. NYA gets great space and the Performing Arts Centre could leverage NYA’s networking and further expand their capacity to reach to the greater audience. So yes, I’d say its a successful collaborative partnership, it’s definitely a win-win!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great explanation of Mao’s work! I want to hear more of your opinion on NYA. Do you think what their plans are for the Centre for the Performing Arts building will become successful or do you think it will be too difficult for NYA to engage such a high number of districts?


    1. I think it sounds like a win-win model for both NYA and Centre for the Performing Arts building to leverage on each one’s strength. However, I find the goal a little difficult to achieve. Take the day of our field trip as an example, I didn’t see much traffic nor people coming in to visit. (or maybe I should cut them a little slack. It somewhat understandable to be quiet on a Monday morning!) I also think that NYA definitely faces the same struggles as Scarborough Arts being a LASO operating outside of downtown Toronto, which makes engaging high number of wards twice as difficult.


  4. I agree with Kali and Tamara, very nice images and description of Mao’s artistic practice. Tiffany wrote an insightful blog about Mao and the white cube exhibition space as well. It’s great to read all the intelligent ideas!


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