stART It Up: Cultural Entrepreneurship workshop

The workshop took place at The Hub, an innovative lounge that facilitates student with design thinking around early-stage business startups.


Attendees were divided in to four group for workshop activity

Prior to starting our own cultural entrepreneurship, we were asked to consider the fundamental questions as follow:

  1. What are some skills and strength we as students have right now? why are they important and how do we acquire them?
  2. What is the vision of the organization? What are your field, area of interests? What do you care about? What are the need? How big is the demand?
  3. Who are the potential audience, patron, customer, clientele, consumer,user of the product or service? How big is the market? What are the main demographic and prospect?
  4.  How do you reach them ? Where would the potential group be located? What are the key challenges operating in specific areas and regions?
  5. Who would you collaborate? Is there any existing organizations doing the same kind of work?
Quick brainstorming session for the vision of our new organization/entrepreneurship


We broke down the tasks into manageable steps and reorganize the post-its in chronological orders

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