Artscape Youngspace field trip- featuring Rose Gutierre from SKETCH and Jessica Dargo Capla from Koffler Gallery

“It all come downs to what makes your heart sings.”

Rose Gutierrez, Program Director of SKETCH

We started our journey at Artscape Youngspace with a little office tour on the second floor, where SKETCH head office is located. The program director of sketch, Rose Gutierrez then took us from the second floor to the basement where their creative hub were at. The space includes a ceramics studio, commercial kitchen, movement studio, audio recording studio, wet and dark room, project studio for multi-disciplinary art and industrial design studio.

We went around the movement studio and each ask Rose questions regarding her role in the organization, what her job entails, how does she get into this line of work, what are the key challenges and what does it take to do her job.

She is part of the directorship and is in charge of strategic planning, collaborative partnerships, external factors and integrate all that into the programming. Aside from the strategic organizational work, Rose also directly engages herself on the floor with program coordinators to help implement the vision to their day-to-day operation. She spends most of her day thinking around program design, researching collective information of past programs.

While technical skills including reliable organizational skill, work ethics, written communication and self-care are crucial at the higher level of managerial hierarchy, following the intrinsic value and doing what makes you excited are the core fuel and indeed the driving force of the job.

Visual Arts Space

Industrial Design Studio+Stool-making

Ceramic Studio

Encourage collaboration is really key to public engagement and generally in the arts. Some of the best conversation happens in the hallway.

Jessica Dargo Caplan, the director of public programs and engagement

Koffler gallery is a Jewish contemporary organization that represents cross-disciplinary programming that support innovation, fosters public engagement and strengthens community. Koffler Centre for the Arts serves at the umbrella organization(‘parent’) for the gallery and provides a cultural platform that engages the audience of all ages and cultural backgrounds. As a Jewish organization, it is obligated to value and foster social justice, equity, inclusiveness, promotes Jewish identity, prospectives and voices through exhibition, performing arts, discussion, writing and digital initiatives. With the best creative minds, Koffler gallery produces and presents contemporary art that provides common ground for experiencing and shaping our cultural life and defining our social values.

As a cultural organization, they are redirecting their programming by an “idea-based” principle. Encouraging conversation and dialogue within various communities has been the driving force behind their programming choice especially on public engagement aspect. In terms of public program, Jessica does a lot of cross-disciplinary work such as  ‘in retrospect’, the informal arts talk series, collaborate programs and joint tours with other tenants in the Artscape building.


Koffler digital is a new online platform that hosts a series of audio walks, photo essays, radio play through commissioning artist to create work that can be consumed online. It is a way of extending the work they’ve already been doing at the Koffler Gallery through artist talks or theatrical performances and showcasing them on a digital space.

Koffler Gallery Administration Office

Current Exhibition: Leopold Plotek: No Work, Nor Device, Nor Knowledge, Nor Wisdom


5 thoughts on “Artscape Youngspace field trip- featuring Rose Gutierre from SKETCH and Jessica Dargo Capla from Koffler Gallery

  1. Thanks Tiffany! Turning on HDR could be one of the easiest tricks with iPhone, it gives greater depths and improves the lighting so much. I hope you will find it helpful. 😄


  2. I really enjoyed our trip to SKETCH. What do you think about Rose’s work as a programmer and the skills required to do that job? Could you see yourself working in that position?


    1. This is a hard one for me. I feel like I would be able to juggle through the day and work on managerial side of things. (strategic planning, financial management etc.) But since I don’t have the expertise and artistic capacity, I don’t think I am capable of doing her job! A more practical way might be starting as a programming coordinator. Just to be on her team and get a better sense of what her job entails.


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